4 door refrigerator



  The newest type of refrigerator on the market is a 4 Door refrigerrator. This unique new design takes the highly popular french door refrigerator to higher levels of convenience by adding an additional drawer. Some manufacturers choose to make this additional freezer space while others make it extra fresh food space. Either way the additional drawer ensures more convenient storage solutions. Choose from several different manufacturers who combine great style and performance. I wasn't quite sure I liked this design when it first came out but the more I use one the more it makes sense. TheGE andLG 4 door refrigerators really keep things conveniently located in the dual freezer drawers while theSamsung model that uses the extra space as fresh food storage makes organizing and getting to the things you use most often a lot easier.

Quickly find all your frozen foods in the new GE 4 door refrigerator which uses the extra drawer as additional freezer space. Having this extra freezer drawer prevents stacking those frozen groceries on top of one another in the bottom drawer.

GE 4 door refrigerator freezer drawers

The new Samsung 4 door french door refrigerators are designed to keep the family organized with a counter height refrigerated drawer. The drawer offers convenience and flexibility for those that like to entertain or cook The drawer has 4 temperature settings that lets you choose between; Meat/Fish, Deli/Snacks, Cold Drinks, and Wine/Party Dishes. It also contains an ingenious divider that separates the drawer into 4 different areas.

The new LG 4 door refrigerator makes finding those popsicles on a hot summer day a breeze in the waste high freezer drawer. Keep the things you get out often like the cookies and cream ice cream you enjoy every night in the smaller more conveniently located freezer drawer while storing the turkey or racks of ribs you are not going to use for awhile in the large bottom drawer.



What people are saying about their 4 door refrigerators

5 stars

"A little more than a month ago we bought a new Samsung RF4287HARS refrigerator. It is Samsung's top of the line model. It has many wonderful features but the feature we like most is the extra refrigerator drawer with flex temperature control. The style, look and feel are great and the lighting inside is better than anything else we saw."

5 stars

"We purchased this refrigerator about 3 months ago. I must first say I love the design of the refrigerator. The extra drawer is a fantastic design element."

5 stars

"The extra drawer is great. We keep fruits and juice boxes for the kids in there. The height of it is very convenient for them."

5 stars

"The extra freezer drawer is great for things we get often" Our old refrigerator was always so unorganized. With the extra drawer we can find things a lot easier."

5 stars

"Having two freezer drawers is fantastic. We love our LG 4 door refrigerator. We will never go back to a side by side."

5 stars

"The extra drawer is great! The deli drawer was never big enough in my old fridge. There is plenty of room in the drawer. It is great to be able to access the drawer without having to open a door."